Comparison of the Past and Present Online Marketing Strategy

The current online marketing strategy as we know it today has evolved greatly over the past decade: several new marketing techniques have emerged, and online marketers have started to put emphasis more on the good techniques rather than the old ones, like e-mail spamming that were very bothersome for the prospect. Nowadays, an efficient online marketing strategy involves article marketing, e-mail marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, content optimization, link building and a wealth of other techniques that aim to raise the visibility of a business, product or service on the Internet.The old marketing strategies used in the online environment were definitely less effective than the current ones. Two of the most-known old strategies involve e-mail marketing, copywriting and pay-per-click. All of them are still very effective today, especially the PPC strategy and the e-mail marketing, provided that they are done correctly. One of the biggest mistakes some online marketers tend to do is that they exaggerate with salesy ads and e-mail contents that are repulsive and they annoy the prospect rather than drawing his attention. Slowly but surely, e-mail marketing has evolved and marketers understood that an efficient, properly designed message is considerably more effective and more appealing to the prospect than a spam that throws an ad right at their face.On the other hand, social media marketing and video marketing are extremely efficient these days. In a nutshell, social media marketing refers to using social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook to promote a product or a service. Over a billion people worldwide use social networks, so why not take advantage of that? The world’s most renowned brands have a fan page on Facebook and/or a Twitter account where they keep their fans updated regarding the latest products, services and events. Moreover, one of the most important advantages of social media marketing is that Facebook has the power to make a video go viral within minutes, and this aspect is extremely good for raising brand awareness on the Internet.At the opposite end, there is video marketing – this is another commonly used technique that is mainly aimed at promoting a service or a product. What truly makes video marketing so effective these days is the fact that people are far more likely to remember an image or a graphic show rather than a written text. An impact can encompass a thousand words, and this is the principle video marketers rely on. To give you a relevant example, a significant part of today’s product reviews are video reviews, because marketers can embed a live demonstration of the product in question.Pay-Per-Click or affiliate marketing are also quite old, but they are still very effective today – they have managed to keep up with the continuously evolving needs of the marketers. Like the name itself implies, PPC allows the marketer to earn a certain amount of money whenever a customer clicks an ad. Affiliate marketing, however, is based on the principle of affiliation – the marketer promotes a product on his or her personal webpage, and when the user makes a purchase, the marketer earns a commission that can be up to 80% of the product price, or even more. The price varies from one company to another – the latter technique is undoubtedly a highly effective online marketing strategy

Online Business – Friend or Foe?

When I think of an online business, many things come to mind. Internet Marketing, niche marketing, product creation and selling, product launches, affiliate marketing, selling on amazon or eBay… there are many more to add to this.Internet Marketing is huge so there is no chance of ever saturating the market as there are so many different aspects to talk about. A few are, list building, affiliate marketing, how to build a business, website creation, blogging, where to obtain a domain and hosting and so on…One subject that I really need to emphasize is how to create and run an online business. I have been online for years,yet operating a business correctly is fairly new to me. One needs all the pieces of the puzzle in order to do this business thing correctly and profitably. Domain name, hosting, a website setup correctly with a blog, how often to blog, Affiliate product(s) or your own to sell, installing banners and op-tin forms, how and why to form a list of people, correct relationship with the list, Working daily on this business, Yes actual Work, and so much more.Years I spent searching online in a foolish attempt to find a ” very little effort get rich in 5 days like the Gurus ” business.I found and bought many products, many so called ” coaching programs ” which I joined and more products purchased recommended by the coaching programs. All to a tune of over 10 thousand dollars!! It was not until I was online over ten years that I finally realized a few very hard lessons.Lesson 1) There is not, and never will be, a legitimate business that you can ” buy ” from anyone that gets you six figures, within 24 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, 6 months or even one year.Lesson 2) The single products I am buying will not help me create a business – an E book about how to get a domain name and where to get hosting are 2 important items you need for a business, but only 2 out of many.Lesson 3) An online business takes consistent WORK (I hate doing this) on a daily basis – not EXCUSES (I love doing this).Lesson 4) I need a mentor, coach if you prefer. Someone who has come from the similar background. Started with very little money and experience, gone into debt buying products and programs, gotten out of this debt and has gone on to build a profitable 6 or 7 figure a year business and is obtaining these results consistently, year after year.I have tried for over a decade to understand how to build and run an online business. The only thing I ran up was debt. I have purchased many, now useless products. Have paid for and attended many coaching programs, learned a lot though not how to start and run an online business correctly. I did learn that I need to find a coach (mentor). I have found someone in July of 2015, someone that has a similar background and now owns and runs his own million dollar a year business.With guidance and support from my mentor, I have now begun to build and run an online business correctly. No need to purchase any more products or other coaching programs.If you would like your online business to earn you money, and who would not, you will need to be noticed. Think of fast food restaurants for example. They advertise constantly – you may hear their ads on radio 8 or 10 times a day, or more. You see the ads on television especially during meal hours, perhaps 4 or 5 times in an hour. They do this so you will remember the name when you get hungry. You should do the same thing, ” advertise” yourself by blogging, put your posts on FB, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and other places people will see it. I use Twitter, Google + and FB at the moment, though I will expand to YouTube and perhaps slide-share very soon. Do this at least twice a week and very soon you will begin to notice people will visit your blog, hopefully opting in to your list and they will begin to tell their friends, and so on. You will soon have many visitors to your site, engagement via comments, and before you are aware hundreds of people will visit monthly, then thousands… Now you are NOTICED!This kind of consistent work to get you noticed costs you time, not money. When you are posting multiple times per week and spreading these posts through Face Book, YouTube, Google +, Twitter and other social media, many people will see it and remember you – just as in the example above about fast food restaurants.Once this happens you will then have many thousands who know of you, many of those will like you as well as trust you.These three items – know, like and trust (K.L.T.) are needed in order for people to buy from you. If you know a brand name Sears, Kitchen Aid, Ford, Chevy… you are likely to trust the products they sell, since they have made a reputation for making products that last and stand by the products.You Know and trust the brand and you like the products so you buy them.Get online and GET noticed!Get out there and let them know you!When they know you they will soon like you!When they like you they will then trust you!Then it is much easier to sell them something. You make money they are happy, you are happy.MAKE Some NOISE ONLINE!

How to Achieve Online Business Success

You will probably see many online marketers advertising their online businesses success stories in the hope that you will sign up for their product or to follow the approach that they are suggesting. This method of ‘show me proof’ advertising is a solid way for them to build their own income, as so many people are striving to build online businesses these days.Just seeing so many different people, each with similar success stories, can make any business opportunity look more attractive. However, once you sign up there is a real possibility that you find yourself having trouble achieving the same business success that they enjoyed. These three tips will help to guide you in your own online business.Know Your IntentionsIt is very understandable that people attempt to create their own businesses or join Internet opportunities for the sole purpose of making more money and hopefully achieving financial freedom. However, if you only approach it in this way, it will probably affect your performance once you realize what you actually need to do.Understand why you want to create an online business – what else is there besides just making money? Is the venture you are pursuing something that you are passionate about and will personally enjoy, as you need to have the motivation to keep the business healthy and growing?Remember that there are other options too, such as online jobs and freelancing, so you must carefully consider if running an online business will give you the outcome that you are aiming for.Know The FactsThere is very little financial risk involved in setting up an online business, as very few opportunities require any form of upfront fee. However, if time is critical, you should properly analyze the facts and requirements for a typical Internet business before deciding if that is the right way for you to achieve online business success.First, any online business, no matter how good it is, takes time for income to be realized. If an online business opportunity that you are investigating insists that cash flow is quick, it is likely that the program either uses practices where you need to pay a large upfront fee or the business model is being over hyped.Once you accept that it does take some time to build an Internet business you will be in a better position to allocate your time and finances wisely. Set aside some time in your plan to work on your Internet marketing skills so you can build income streams early on through affiliate marketing or through advertising programs like Google AdSense.You can also research other Internet opportunities and observe the performance of other marketers to work out what they are doing that makes their online businesses successful. It is a well-hidden fact that most Internet marketers have taken time to grow their business, but if they are claiming to use free techniques to get there, pay attention to find out what these are so you can use them in your business and keep your costs down.Know When To ActWhen you decide to start an online business you become your own boss and this brings you the flexibility of deciding when to work and how you will spend your time when you are working. To make sure you are ready and start on a solid foundation do some heavy research on current trends and competitors to build up a library of bookmarks and software applications to get started.Also, be careful that you only try to handle one online business or opportunity at a time so you can fully focus, as this is key to reaching your online business success even sooner.